Born 25 August in Farmersville Texas; contemporary digital + performance artist, Alex Curington, is currently based in Oak Cliff, Dallas Texas. Alex rejects a lukewarm forecasted life with a "do it or die" outlook in response to her vital necessity to create.

My work derives from found objects, DIY aesthetic, trash art, and creative collaborations. The intensity of my work mirrors my constant self-evolution and strive for full self-awareness. My art is raw, confusing, self-involved, 746 videos of me napping, 13,129 minutes of me getting ready, 28 painted purses, countless deconstructed + reconstructed pieces of clothing, music videos, nude footage on every format available, handmade textiles, websites, visual coding, new media pish posh, performance art, xerox scans, tiny collections of insignificant objects, lipstick in my eye, sleeping three days straight per week, shaved eyebrows, your shirt inside-out-backwards with a hole cut in the middle of it... Analog Futurism, Realistic Analogism, something like that. As of late, my work has manifested itself into a vast digital catalog of my life in all modes. I have come to the conclusion that video is the medium closest to real life. Therefore developing a fixation with filming almost everything I do and manifesting something from that. I prefer working within self-imposed limitations, such as filming a one-time performance with a half broken camera or a full music video with only a cellphone. One may say that the following things are prevalent throughout my art: self / myself, control, obsession, chaos, focus, lack of focus, and criticism. My art is in a very selfish stage. More is to come. Thank you for watching.