ALXCUR is a creative studio founded by Alexandra Curington in 2020, based in Dallas Texas. This one-woman, small-business offers a variety of creative services listed here.

My work derives from found objects, DIY aesthetic, trash art, and creative collaborations. However, as of the past 7 months, I have been forced into making my art via creative isolation, which has brought an entirely new light upon the vision and meaning behind what I concoct. The intensity of what I create mirrors a constant strive for inner evolution and awareness. It is raw, confusing, selfish, broken, fixed, lonely, uncomfortable, 102 time-lapsed* naps, 1,159 minutes* filmed of me dressing + undressing, 26 painted purses, countless de/reconstructed pieces of clothing, my new clothing line “Dreadland” (shop coming soon), music videos, nude footage on every format available, handmade textiles, websites, visual coding, throngs of new media experiments, performance art pieces, Xerox scans, micro vs. meta inner thoughts, monologues, lipstick as eyeshadow, eyeshadow as lipstick, shaved eyebrows, a shirt inside-out-backwards with a hole cut in the middle of it... Analogue Futurism, Realistic “Analogism” hi-fi + low-fi. My work has exhibited itself into a vast digital catalogue of my life in many mediums. I believe that video is the closest means of expression to real life. Therefore, developing a fixation with filming almost everything I do and manifesting something from that footage. My practice is in Phase II of infinity. Thanks for watching.

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