My work derives from found objects, DIY aesthetic, trash art, isolation, and creative collaborations. Utilizing the mediums: video, photography, performance, and mixed media. The intensity of what I create mirrors a constant effort for inner awareness, balance, and growth. It is raw, selfish, uncomfortable, 102 time-lapsed nap films, 1,159 minutes of video footage, 26 painted purses, countless de/reconstructed pieces of clothing, upcoming apparel line Dreadland, hand-made music videos, websites, coding experiments, performance art pieces, Xerox scans of my face, Analogue Futurism, Future Analogism, modeling for you/them/her/him, meta, monologues, lipstick as eyeshadow, eyeshadow as lipstick, shaved eyebrows, a t-shirt inside-out-backwards with a hole cut out the middle of it, 400+ polaroids in my sock drawer, Existential Nihilism, and Maximalism at it’s max. My body of work has progressed into a vast digital + physical catalogue, which will continue to mature as I do.