My work derives from found objects, DIY aesthetic, trash art, isolation, and creative collaborations. Utilizing the mediums: video, photography, and mixed media. The intensity of what I create mirrors a constant strive for inner evolution and awareness. It is raw, selfish, uncomfortable, 102 time-lapsed nap films, 1,159 minutes of video footage, 26 painted purses, countless de/reconstructed pieces of clothing, upcoming clothing line Dreadland, music videos, websites, coding experiments, performance art pieces, Xerox scans of my face, meta meta meta, monologues, lipstick as eyeshadow, eyeshadow as lipstick, shaved eyebrows, a shirt inside-out-backwards with a hole cut in the middle of it, Analogue Futurism, Analogue Realism, and Maximalism at it’s max. My work has exhibited into a vast digital catalogue, which continues to build itself as I discover anything from a piece of trash on the street to a new character defect.